November 10, 2021

Dutch Oven
Product Photography

This shoot for Nativo Cookware was definitely one of my most memorable ones. When I first got the call from their team,  they were in a bit of a panic. They needed photography of their new line of dutch ovens, for a recipe booklet that’s included with every package. The catch was that the booklets needed to go to print in less than a week if they wanted to include them in the first rollout of the new product. That meant that that we had to come up with the concept for the shoot, ship the product, buy the props and ingredients, and make the image, in just a couple of days.

I hadn’t moved into my new studio yet, and there were no studios available with such short notice, so we turned my back porch into the studio! As you’ll see, the set we built was a pretty complex one as well. We had to recreate a forest floor on a patio table! Check out this cool behind the scenes video my wife shot that day.